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HERBARIUM – РИЗОМА (official video) from Genot Centre on Vimeo.

<Eco Futurism Corporation> is a brand new label that LORD ø has founded. The members include HERBARIUM, tropical interface, SHYQA, Gem Thee, souleets. DJWWWW also participates in HERBARIUM’s mix “ГЕРБАРИЙ Herbarium”, and collaborations with CVN make it seems as there are interactions with the Japanese artists too. What they refer to as “ECO-Grime” is naturalistic sound design and grime-beat fused together. The atmosphere created is based on a biological futurism that is in line with the visuals that communicate this feel. They have uncovered a return-to-nature style utopian mindset, and have merged it with a commercialism of capitalistic nature. This is a new type of fantasy created by hashtags.

“On DIVINE HERBA, HERBARIUM provides a glimpse into the future, a look into a small group of espresso drinkers who believe in a digital Utopia. Using the vocabulary of postgrime and Jim Ferraro’s most techno-optimistic commodity-informed timbres, six bioluminescent tracks are crafted, inhabiting the sinister no man’s land between profound sound design, informed evocations of club rhythms, and tranquil, hi-tech dreams of nature-body-technology synergy. Imagine a wifi-jacked club where dancers sip eco-friendly smoothies, shuffle around in crocs and share a collective dream of plant-infused hyperreal cityscapes.”

The track from this video “РИЗОМА” is featured in HERBARIUM “DIVINE HERBA: EXTENDED”. This will be released on the 5th of June on both digital and cassette tape <Genot Centre>. The original version has been release on digital from <Eco Futurism Corporation>. The cassette version released this time will include a reinterpretation of the original series. Participant artists include <Eco Futurism Corporation> Gem Thee, souleets, tropical interface. <BEER ON THE RUG> crowd includes Percival Pembroke, dizzcock. <Genot Centre> artists and friends also have participated.


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