2023 NFT Scene Highlights (Part2)
Events and Works Surrounding NFTs: Timeline (365)

The highlight of 2023, Part 2, focuses on the works and events that MASSAGE has curated over time. Despite a cooling of speculative fervor and a general slowdown, capturing the vast movements of people around the world simultaneously engaging in various endeavors and influencing each other to create culture is an immensely challenging task. To keep up with the sheer volume and pace of information, MASSAGE has been sharing and archiving what we intuitively feel is important. This might be seen as an act of recording influential events as single points in history. Finding one point leads to the discovery of another, and thus we encounter something new again. It’s been a year of continuing this cycle. In this article, we have indexed 365 topics archived through our activities, marking the end of the year. We hope that the history being woven here and now will be unraveled somewhere, sometime. We believe that our endeavors will contribute to this.


  1. At the beginning of the year, zancan offered “Synchronicity” in the 2022 edition for 5tez. A homage to Andy Warhol’s “The Dollar Sign”
  2. Sartoshi of mfers returned
  3. Jack Butcher’s open edition NFT “Checks,” themed on the verification mark, released for 8 dollars
  4. Decentralized curation platform JPG opened voting in the “Dynamic NFT” category
  5. Art Haus on nounsbuilder allows artists to be commissioned from the DAO’s treasury to create collage works
  6. Decentralized curation platform JPG opened voting in the “Conceptual” category
  7. Jack Butcher’s project “Opepen” sequentially released artwork in an open edition

    「opepen」 by Jack Butcher

  8. Kunsthalle Zürich hosted the NFT-themed exhibition “DYOR”
  9. Generative and contemporary artists joined for “Cure³” to support Parkinson’s disease cure, selling works with fxhash’s support
  10. Fxhash introduced credit card payments
  11. THE PRICE IS ALMOST RIGHT, a work of art that displays the value of the art you have painted by an AI trained in the NFT market


  12. Generative Abstraction and Beyond PART I held at verse
  13. Three works by 0xhaiku selected for JPG’s Conceptual Canon
  14. The story of infinite scroll by what is real?
  15. A series replacing classic painting scenes with Boston Dynamics robots. “Hi-Fidelity” by RARE
  16. Cyberfeminism Index Edited by Mindy Seu released
  17. Made in Contract held at NEORT++
  18. Perpendicular Inhabitation, a tribute to 1980s Japanese cities by Studio Yorktown

    「Perpendicular Inhabitation」 by Studio Yorktown

  19. CABLE by Joan Heemskerk (JODI)
  20. Mint party for works presented at Genuary held on fxhash
  21. Mad Dog Jones opened an Open Edition for only 99 minutes
  22. Generative artist Ilja Borisovs arrested by Latvian police


  1. Center Georges Pompidou Announces Purchase of 18 NFT and Blockchain-Related Works by 13 French and International Artists
  2. DIGITAL PAINT by Jen Stark, a work that allows users to create drawings and save them as NFTs

    「DIGITAL PAINT」 by Jen Stark + Chain/Saw

  3. Rik Oostenbroek holds a joint exhibition with A-Mashiro
  4. Jack Butcher hosts an OE for relief of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria
  5. Deca announces the creation of the Eternal Collection
  6. Pak launches an NFT platform for disaster relief in Turkey, featuring “Cause #1” by Pak
  7. Field ✲ 2008 – 2023 by Harm van den Dorpel
  8. The Tezos community starts a donation movement for earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria. #TezQuakeAid
  9. Artist Burka Bayram supports earthquake-affected people with an Open Edition

    「Alone in the dark」 by Burka Bayram

  10. Artwork supporting the earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria. “Earth and I” by zancan
  11. Jack Butcher’s “Checks”. The burn process begins.
  12. A series of ten editions exploring geometric clouds. “Strange Clouds” by Hayden Clay
  13. NFT collector Cozomo de” Medici donates on-chain art to LACMA
  14. Babylon, a game that lets you customize your PFP with items acquired by Capsule 21

    「Babylon」 by Capsule 21

  15. XCOPY’s final work on SuperRare. “CLUTCHES” by XCOPY
  16. Free mint NFTs for holders of End of sartoshi surge. “Nakamigos”
  17. The Passage of Ra by A.A.Murakami
  18. Qubibi releases “Btn collection” on objekt using the newly implemented OE feature
  19. Full-on chain AI work “byteGANS” by Pindar Van Arman

    「byteGANS」 by Pindar Van Arman

  20. Curatorial space objktone for 1/1 works launches
  21. JOYsmilies by John Orion Young
  22. Jack Butcher’s “Checks” adds a Sacrifice feature
  23. Dynamic NFT that changes appearance between day and night. “PLRL” by Mannay&Anton Marrast
  24. Project by Kobe City and Kawaii SKULL. “BE KOBE NFT #1” by Kawaii SKULL
  25. Group exhibition “School of Truth” at Galerie Yeche Lange
  26. Work inspired by four significant UFO reports and their documents. “Meta materials” by Spøgelsesmaskinen
  27. Smooth Steps by ertdfgcvb
  28. Constructum by Simply Anders
  29. Everything is Temporary |. by Joe Pease
  30. Grant Yun presents a work inspired by Squiggle

    「Arrival」 by Grant Yun


  1. A mini synth that can actually be played. “MINISYNTH” by cloudnoise
  2. Generatively designed glasses artwork. “GENERATIVE GLASSES” by 4RC0
  3. Sea of Redemption, a work by Shezad Dawood that allows the collective spirit life form of Mermesus, with its gentleness and power, to be redeemed with physical artwork

    「Sea of Redemption」 by Shezad Dawood

  4. A continuous program “Remembrance of Things Future” where digital artists create works in dialogue with LACMA’s collection
  5. Heterosis by OG.Art
  6. An isometric view of a city’s fantastical lightscape. “Algorithm, be my guide” by ALT+ESC
  7. Artwork celebrating the 4th anniversary of activity. “SHARI” by mera takeru
  8. Extracting color gradients from the works of 8 artists. “CIRCLE OF FRENS” by Chikai
  9. Participatory generative art project. “WarGames” by FAR
  10. Beeple’s 50,000 square feet studio opens
  11. Materia Mania, AI-generated geometric forms by huemin

    「Materia Mania」 by huemin

  12. Project HOLDERS begins
  13. Takakura Kazuki’s “Mekarial” exhibition
  14. Jack Butcher updates “Checks” metadata to feature other artists
  15. Feral File hosts solo exhibition “LeeMullican.PCX”
  16. ARQ, a modular work by untitledxyz that can be assembled to form larger structures within a virtual world

    「ARQ」 by untitledxyz

  17. Derivative work of Opepen. “Opepunk” by Doy
  18. LUX by Figure31 circulates artwork among tokens in sync with the sun’s 11-year cycle
  19. Screensaver-themed collection. “Screensavers” by Spøgelsesmaskinen
  20. Learning space builspace closes
  21. First project of NO NO CLUB with no mint site or Discord. “tanasinn” by NO NO CLUB
  22. Open Edition work by Matt Furie released
  23. Collector @Kyloren_NFT starts ALFA fund
  24. ArtBlocks work exploring the digital tradition of skeuomorphs used in user interfaces. “SKEUOMORPHS” by itsgalo
  25. Decentralized curation platform JPG opens voting for “derivative NFT” category
  26. Toys by 0xTechno
  27. Fxhash unveils new feature fx(params)
  28. PAGES by Rafaël Rozendaal
  29. Artwork inspired by views from Japan’s Shinkansen windows. “Scenes From A Train Window” by StudioYorktown
  30. Additional fee allows purchase of actual tapestry. “Klangteppich” by andreasrau
  31. BluePrints, a work by fx(params) by DistColletive

    「BluePrints」 by DistColletive

  32. Sunlit Sanctuary by shaderism
  33. P1xelfool’s solo exhibition “hälo” held at verse
  34. Teia becomes a corporation
  35. Sotheby’s auction Natively Digital: Glitch-ism temporarily halted due to criticism of the line-up
  36. Fxhash artwork of landscapes seen by an artist forced to leave Ukraine. “Fields of the Abandoned Homeland” by KITEL
  37. Generative interactive animation creating a world of the sea. “Schwere See” by flockaroo
  38. Perceptrons, a work that stores the AI model itself on-chain

    「Perceptrons」by Fingerprints

  39. YOSHIROTTEN unveils mixed media art piece “SUN”
  41. NFT-themed exhibition at GYRE GALLERY Omotesando “Art in the Age of Hyper Reproduction: How Does NFT Change Art? – Division, Aura, Supranational Power -“


  1. Generatively created interactive poetry. STILL MOVING by Nathaniel Stern and Sasha Stiles
  2. Constellation-themed loop animation series. “Zodiac Museum” by CyberMysticGarden
  3. On-chain text-based conceptual art. “PROMPTZ” by JIMMY
  4. Artwork featuring a physical rock with a hidden seed phrase, owning its NFT in a cyclic ownership relation. “Reference” by bouze
  5. Ongoing work themed on the intersection of ancient and contemporary art. “Elemental Creation” by Charlesai
  6. 0xdiid hacked manifold’s contract to on-chain the work “BUY ART”

    「BUY ART」 by 0xdiid

  7. Rhizome’s first NFT, based on a 100-page PDF document sent by a funder who withdrew a large grant. “The Shadowbanned” by Yoshi Sodeoka
  8. Mechanism to store encrypted “prompts” on the blockchain. “Algoritmo Divino” by Ganbrood
  9. Zancan’s first work using fx(params). “Charcoal Seeds” by zancan
  10. Dynamic NFT that performs various actions linked to Ethereum’s gas cost. “Rainbow Fini” by Finiliar
  11. Decentralized curation platform JPG opens voting in “Onchain” category
  12. 2 Shapes, the first generative art by experimental painter Anna Beller

    「2 Shapes」 by Anna Beller

  13. ERC20 token $RG gets permanently locked unless transferred to a new address every 9 days. “REAPER’S GAMBIT” by Figure31
  14. Social Contracts, a series of living artworks by Burak Arikan that use blockchain data to create interactive network diagrams

    「Social Contracts」 by Burak Arikan and JPG

  15. Hyper Shrine by TAKAKURAKAZUKI
  16. Generative digital fashion collection. “SEEN ON SCREEN” by Nicolas Sassoona


  1. Symbol of the crypto community’s unity in demanding wise policies from the government. Stand with Crypto by Coinbase
  2. WEN Tokyo presents “Reaching for the Future,” curated by A-Mashiro
  3. Zora releases physical magazine, Zora Zine
  4. Physical artworks based on generated tokens available for purchase. “Pensado a mano” by Alejandro
  5. The Broken Keys by ALPHA CENTAURI KID
  6. 80,000 word autobiographical memoir, destroyed in a laptop. The winning bidder ultimately receives the remains of the laptop. shl0ms’s work “AUTO Vol. 1”

    「AUTO Vol.1」 by shl0ms

  7. Unique handcrafted seeds create a final artwork by drawing a predefined number of shapes on a canvas. “Pensado” by Alejandro

    「Pensado」 by Alejandro

  8. TERMINALS: PLUS by ertdfgcvb
  9. ZOGZ Editions by Matt Furie
  10. On-chain artwork generating views by referencing non-existent links. “BROKEN IMAGES” by Jan Robert Leegte
  11. ANNA LUCIA collaborates with GEE’S BEND QUILTERS to unveil “GENERATIONS,” a quilt available for order
  12. Universal Rayhatcher, a work by Piter Pasma that allows collectors to generate their own objects by filling in SDF in a text field

    「Universal Rayhatcher」 by Piter Pasma

  13. Three-act work consisting of mint, choreography, and performance. “Human Unreadable” by operator
  14. Kim Asendorf releases works in a solo exhibition on Feral File. “COLORS OF NOISE”
  15. Generative Taipei On-Site exhibition curated by Volume DAO held in Taipei
  16. Destructures, a fxhash by nicolasdnl, creator of Surprises

    「Destructures」 by nicolasdnl

  17. The Pixel Generation exhibition by Unit London and Right Click Save
  18. Essay by Jacob of Zora Protocol attempting to define the widely used NFT world term “on-chain”. “Onchain” by jacob
  19. NEW FLOAT by Rossner Manuel
  20. A visual and sound work that represents the imaginary world of a collapsed blockchain. Memories of Digital Data by Kazuhiro Tanimoto
  21. Artwork examining the evolution of interface culture, focusing on buttons. “Buttons” by Jan Robert Leegte
  22. Digital artwork acquisition requires obtaining a physical artwork, scratching an area on the artwork with a secret key written. “Public // Private” by ripcache
  23. Her decision to slow down this year is reflected in the title “ESCAPE,” a work by Iskra Velitchkova.

    「ESCAPE」 by Iskra Velitchkova

  24. Decentralized curation platform JPG opens voting in “Audiovisual” category
  25. OONA, an anonymous artist gaining attention for physical performances at museums and art fairs, themed on gender and sexuality. “Spread” by OONA × Lori Baldwin
  26. First fxhash project to fully generate artwork on-chain. “Blockchain Automaton” by Extracurricular Activities
  27. One-week loop-type ambient art broadcast. “Kriller” by James Paterson and Stephen Ramsay


  • Art Blocks work made with HTML and CSS. Dopamine Machines by Steve Pikelny
    1. Generative self-playing musical instrument inspired by building blocks. “Chordal Reveries” by shaderism and TGAM
    2. Collection of sculptures created by artificial intelligence. “DUMMY SNAPPED!” by JIMMY
    3. Materialized by Andreas Gysin & Sidi Vanetti
    4. Artwork created from LACMA’s collection of quilts and textiles. “Interwoven” by Emily Xie
    5. Each artwork has unique rules for ownership, transfer, etc., directly written into the contract. “BEEF” by 0xfff.eth
    6. Audio-visual project by KUMALEON, “Async to Sync” by ryota, hasaqui, and Ara
    7. The manifesto of Gemma, an artist-led fund for sustaining creativity, “Gemma Manifesto” by gemma
    8. Dynamic NFT artwork that changes with market conditions, “GOLD” by James Bloom
    9. Time-based generative art themed around care work and gender, “Hus” by Ada Ada Ada
    10. Proof of X – Blockchain As A New Medium For Art – event held
    11. Early Summer Journey by SamuelYAN
    12. Relational art piece using NFT, “Still Remember” by 0xhaiku
    13. Artwork featuring a creature named ANIMA moving inside a user interface window, “Connected Windows” by NIINOMI
    14. Using Ethereum’s ENS subdomain feature, domain holders can chain their ENS like a chain, “PlayTrain” by Toshi
    15. Artwork where buyers can purchase a rectangle and freely decide its color, animation, and placement, “64 Rectangles” by Kitasenju Design
    16. Artwork visualizing the impact of blockchain on the physical world through a decentralized manufacturing system proposal, “IPMS” by Akihiro Kato
    17. An NFT commemorating a one-year partnership between TRLab and Rhizome, SEED by Rhizome x TRLab
    18. Virtual festival “Antidote” hosted by HERE & NOW
    19. Owners can harvest $WISDOM and spend it in Neknel’s marketplace “Wisdom Vessels” by Keiken

      「Wisdom Vessels」 by Keiken

    20. The Experiment by Feral File featuring 19 artists from a2p’s 2019 event
    21. Images produced can be exchanged for plotter artworks, “Nuages possibles” by Joanie Lemercier
    22. Donating 500 x 500 pixel artworks to create the largest collaborative artwork, “MOCA Fundraiser 2023” by MOCA


    1. PRINTERS by itsgalo
    2. Artwork featuring creatures destined to die, with lifespans ranging from a few months to a few years, “obaa” by Miles Peyton
    3. FSM by Julian Hespenheide
    4. Physical artwork dependent on human relationships, “On Memory” by exonemo
    5. Six-day NFT art festival Bright Moments held in Tokyo
    6. Four-day AI artwork auction “Post-Photographic Perspectives II: Acceptable Realities” held
    7. Biting a different ethereum address increases its length by one, and the bitten address is marked by the NFT of the SBT. by Billy Rennekamp and Joon Yeon Park “Viper 사랑해”

      「Viper 사랑해」 by Billy Rennekamp and Joon Yeon Park

    8. ykxotkx featured as the third artist in Nishikigoi NFT
    9. Off-chain bidding for a 1/1 blind auction, “The Reveal” by 0xG
    10. A continuous series of works exploring the theme of computers as the source of aesthetic phenomena, “trāma” by p1xelfool
    11. Sharing images of dropped objects and their aftermath through an on-chain event, work by Jonas Lund, “Most Accidents Happen at Home.”

      「Most Accidents Happen at Home」 by Jonas Lund

    12. butterfly cage by zezima
    13. The first art NFT to offer multiple aspect ratios within a single token, “Azure Surveillance” by 0xdgb
    14. A chance to win one of ten artworks (5% chance for a rare edition), “Brotes” by NFT SHOW EUROPE
    15. Series specialized in exploring on-chain life, “The New World” by Lattice
    16. Extended NFT project linking computational complexity and human perception, “Announcing Anamorphic Generations” by Maxim Zhestkov
    17. Jack Butcher unveils the Infinite Editions piece “Opepen Threadition” to redirect economic energy to someone who is making a significant contribution to the ecosystem.

      「Opepen Threadition」 by Jack Butcher

    18. Each token becomes one of two states based on transaction history, “Bubble” by Santiago
    19. Art and audio conversion of the latest Bitcoin hash and price, “Music for Blockchains” by radarboy3000
    20. Long-form AI collection, “Speciesism” by Obvious
    21. Dynamic NFT artwork changing with market conditions, “GOLD” by James Bloom
    22. Shinjitai by Claire Silver and Emi Kusano
    23. Artwork studying humans as emotional animals, the first long-form AI collection for the artist, “Lope” by Jenni Pasanen
    24. Dominoes in Fluxus by Ivona Tau
    25. Transition to membership model by Fingerprints DAO
    26. Auction event “Digital Na(t)ive” on objktone
    27. thefunnyguys launches “Le Random” website, an educational initiative to contextualize this area of on-chain generative art as art, an area expanded by the NFT.
    28. ◉◉◉ by hasaqui
    29. Exhibition themed around light as a creative medium, “Studies in color, light, and geometry” by Zach Lieberman
    30. Artwork commemorating the discontinued Twitter icon, “Blue Bird” by zancan
    31. Community-building experiment by 12 artists, “N=12” by Feral File
    32. Sotheby’s first long-form generative art auction, “Themes and Variations” by Martin Grasser and Vera Molnár
    33. Artwork using Ethereum transaction call data stored on-chain, “BLOCKS” by prorok


    1. The Source by Camille Roux and Matthieu Segret
    2. Massive painting created in collaboration with AI, “POSSIBILITY SPACES” by Look Highward
    3. Presenting artworks while traveling through cities, “923 Empty Rooms” by Casey Reas
    4. Submit feature added to opepen.
    5. Enabling dynamic metadata and collaborative multi-artist tokens, “ERC-7160” by 0xG
    6. Membership NFT “FRIENDS OF HEK” published by the Museum HEK
    7. Event commemorating the public launch of Base’s mainnet, “Onchain Summer” by Base
    8. Generative art exploring the diverse concepts of folding, “Fold” by rudxane
    9. Whenever art is destroyed, it can be redeemed for Eth. An attempt to question the relationship between price and value in art. by Jack Butcher, “Infinity”

      「Infinity」 by Jack Butcher

    10. Infinity hacked and minting halted
    11. Artwork emphasizing the need for diversity and balance between different chains and artworks, “ecologías” by Marcelo Soria-Rodríguez
    12. Closure of GEN.ART
    13. .printing by .conatus
    14. 1/1 artist PFP project, “The Cameras” by 0xdgb
    15. Code-based motion series presented on verse, “SPACE\TIME” by loackme
    16. FingerprintsDAO Membership NFT “Voxelglyph” produced by Larva Labs

      「Voxelglyph」 by Larva Labs

    17. Mitchell F Chan’s PFP collection “The Boys of Summer” inspired by baseball, statistics, and cryptocurrency culture

      「The Boys of Summer」 by Mitchell F Chan

    18. Artwork unfolding on the console as the title suggests, “Open Console” by Kim Asendorf
    19. heart+craft by Erick Calderon (Snowfro)
    20. Jan Robert Leegte’s full on-chain, generative animated SVG multi-chain work “Coin”

      「Coin」 by Jan Robert Leegte

    21. Participants in the game will observe the artwork and keep a record of it on the artwork. The top three winners will have the opportunity to exchange their tickets for Skulls of Luci, a work by Sam Spratt, “The Monument Game.”

      「The Monument Game」 by Sam Spratt

    22. Artwork by a pioneer of generative art, “YELLOW TREE” by Hans Dehlinger
    23. Participants co-create a pixel art canvas, minted as open edition NFTs every 24 hours, “BasePaint” by w1nt3r.eth
    24. Exhibition honoring the achievements of feminist artists, “In Medias Res” by FEMMEBIT
    25. Gitcoin announces collaboration with Shell, sparking controversy
    26. New artwork is created by combining randomly generated art tiles from a hash, “Quasi Dragon Studies” by Harvey Rayner

      「Quasi Dragon Studies」 by Harvey Rayner

    27. Glass Punk by PIV
    28. Artwork expressing the beauty of audiences connected by chains and communities using the metaphor of a garden, “1,000 True Fans” by Leander Herzog
    29. Token distribution begins on Teia
    30. Launch of platform zeroone
    31. NFT “SINRA” aims to lead the earth to a renewable state


    32. Proof of X participates in Art Stage OSAKA 2023
    33. Aluan Wang’s “Automatic Messages” expresses the spirit of oriental ink painting.

      「Automatic Messages」 by Aluan Wang

    34. CHRONOPHOTOGRAPH, a series of two interacting artworks created in dialogue with Eadweard Muybridge’s chronograph works in the LACMA archives by 0xDEAFBEEF


    35. JAPAN LOCALS ONLY featuring 16 globally active Japanese artists by SuperchiefNFT and NoxGallery
    36. Design your own autonomous mechanism to generate art using various effect blocks, “The Incredible Contraption” by Christophe “Ulu” Choffel
    37. SNEX grows longer as the ETH balance increases, by CryptoPhobia
    38. Entire p5.js deployed on-chain, “RUNAWAY” by James Merrill
    39. An Abundance by Amber Vittoria: A 7-day limited free mint by an artist exploring femininity, emotions, and identity. This features a unique multi-chain contract enabling interoperability of NFTs across different blockchains.
    41. Luft by Roni Block: A contemporary interpretation of the Truchet tile, a pattern in generative art.
    42. Held at CCBT, “Future Ideations Camp Vol.2|setup(): Creating New Rules with Blockchain”
    43. Blind Gallery Vistas Edition by Casey Reas and KALOH: Six mysterious artists present artworks themed around landscapes.
    44. RainbowWorld, a work that customizes and animates characters

      「RainbowWorld」 by Rainbow

    45. An art piece that visualizes minted block numbers, offering a simplistic blockchain experience. “BLOCKS”
    46. Market Makers exhibition curated by María Paula Fernández of JPG
    47. Chromie Squiggle #9997 minted, gifted to artist 0xDEAFBEEF.


    1. Free minting trend on Zora Network: “Talk to me” by EdMarola
    2. Hyperconnection exhibition at Metropolitan University, hosted by verse
    3. Zero-waste generative sweaters derived from the code of the generative art project Chromie Squiggle, work by tribute brand “ODDS”

      「ODDS」 by tribute brand

    4. Machine-hearted by Ivona Tau
    5. Exploring the Decentralized Web – Art on the Blockchain held at HEK
    6. 404 by Pak: An art piece themed around the concept of absence.
    7. Auction of Keith Haring’s artwork at Christie’s
    8. Distance, Vol. 2 by William Mapan: Artwork based on Paul Klee’s “In the Kairouan Style, Transposed in a Moderate Way” from LACMA’s collection.
    9. Wawa by Phi: A pet generated based on wallet actions.
    10. Backyard by thion: Artwork themed on a house with a brick-walled backyard where the artist lived as a child.
    11. Progeny, a work by modnarwolf that allows users to modify and save personalized artwork

      「Progeny」 by modnarwolf

    12. Focusing on the contemporary culture of astrology and how astrology encourages us to understand ourselves through its structure. I’m Feeling Lucky by Maya Man
    13. Nomemene solo exhibition at Yeche Lange
    14. PhotoVogue Festival 2023 Exhibitions: Eternal Loops exploring Aino’s influence
    15. Jan Robert Leegte’s on-chain work “Web” that generates raw HTML structure without content

      「Web」 by Jan Robert Leegte

    16. Preview by 0xhaiku x Hideki Inaba
    17. SOURCE exhibition opened at Feral FIle
    18. French postal service launches NFT stamps “NFTimbre”
    19. Art Block Marfa Weekend 2023 to be held
    20. FEMGEN event featuring female and non-binary artists.
    21. 15 artists announced for the MoMA Postcard launch
    22. Scatter Process[or],” a generative artwork by Kelly Milligan that transforms simple elements through physical simulation.

      「Scatter Process[or]」 by Kelly Milligan

    23. Anfractuous by Landlines Art
    24. Textfence by Jeffrey Alan Scudder & Georgica Pettus
    25. AI art auction platform DAILY.XYZ launched
    26. Anti-crash, a photographic work deconstructed by digital processing by scerbo

      「Anti-crash」 by scerbo

    27. artifacts by Alex Estorick and Ana Maria Caballero
    28. UNSHADED ROCKS by Figure31: Previously mintable only via direct contract, now rebooted as a futuristic minting experience.
    29. This Is Not A Rock by Nicole Vella: Artwork inspired by picking up stones in a lake.
    30. Generative Art Beyond the Algorithm: An exhibition exploring the dialogue between digital technology and the physics of the natural world.


    1. Wildxyz’s first group exhibition “MATERIAL” featuring Figure31, Jeffrey Scudder, and Sten.
    2. Seeing is Believing, AI is… by Emi Kusano x Hideki Inaba
    3. Breathing Code solo exhibition by Takao Toshinobu held in Kasai City’s void
    4. The Crypto Pawnshop curated by Vienna Kim and Benoit Palop at SuperRare
    5. Closure of Tezos marketplace Versum
    6. Touched Grass, a “commemorative” piece by zancan for the closing of Versum

      「Touched Grass」 by zancan

    7. Proteus by Alfred Steiner: An artwork questioning the traditional concept of NFTs, allowing collectors to dynamically control the token URI.
    8. NFT Paris hosts a free mint with airdrop
    9. Group exhibition “TRUTH” curated by Adam Berninger, featuring 7 artists, held at Feral FIle
    10. William Mapan breaks away from the polished aesthetic typical of digital art and explores its unique appeal in “Sketchbook A”

      「Sketchbook A」 by William Mapan

    11. Flyway by Tyler Hobbs: A generative tattoo released on the automated tattoo platform blackdot
    12. reGEN by Art Blocks: A project promoting generative art for Alzheimer’s disease awareness.
    13. ComplexCity by John F. Simon Jr.: Artwork themed as an ode to New York City.
    14. Wildxyz’s first group exhibition “MATERIAL”
    15. Hospital room by nejio
    16. Lucky Clover by Sputniko and Kazuhiro Tanimoto
    17. Mint game by Maison Margiela released
    18. NFT work with Doppelgänger contract, allowing the owner to change his artwork as often as he wishes. Artwork by JAKE FRIED “NORTH STAR”


    19. Comic release by blitmap
    20. Async Art announces its closure
    21. Coordines by Travess Smalley
    22. akolytes by 0xmons
    23. /// by Erick Calderon
    24. The Three Faces by Jenni Pasanen
    25. Creyniums by REY: 6,900 animation PFPs created from 1,800 hand-drawn frames
    26. Set 025 of opepen, a work created with minimal adjustments from the code of Chromie Squiggl, a masterpiece of generative art by Snowfro, “SNOWPEPEN.”

      「SNOWPEPEN」 by Snowfro

    27. Open Window II by John Karel: Second in the series themed around day and night
    28. HAHA and over-time by John Provencher


    1. Bright Moments Buenos Aires
    2. Human Unreadable by Operator wins the Lumen Prize in the Metaversal Generative Art category
    3. Small Brain Games releases the fully on-chain mobile game “Drawtech”
    4. THE SEEKER by KARBORN: Transient Labs” Collectors Choice contract allows owners to repeatedly select and update the artwork displayed in the edition
    5. NFT composed as tiles of hundreds of thousands of images by Nahiko, taken from a smart contract “Bit Rot”

      「Bit Rot」 by Nahiko

    6. GENERATED RECTANGLES exhibition by kitasenjudesign at NEORT++
    7. PIANO BAR by Geoff Davis: A generative computer art piece from 1984, released as an open edition
    8. Digital Soul by Han: An artwork featuring a unique market function inside the contract, not using standard ERC specifications
    9. The Simpsons episode on NFTs
    10. ART AFTER NFTS by Alex Estorick
    11. Constraint by Eric Andwer
    12. Minting Physical Works at the End of the World “HASHMARKS” by 0xDEAFBEEF


    13. An ongoing series featuring locations around the world. “14°41’50.1″N – 17°27’24.5″W” by FelixFelixFelix
    14. +GRAPH exhibition curated by Casey REAS at Feral File
    15. Closure of JPG’s operations
    16. get verified by uczine
    17. A CNC machine that produces a digital file that serves as a blueprint, allowing the user to cut out parts and assemble a unique chair, “Seating Arrangements,” by Luke Shannon.

      「Seating Arrangements」 by Luke Shannon

    18. Nina Protocol releases v2
    19. LCD 1 by ertdfgcvb: Each edition permanently embedded in hardware
    20. Mountains and Drop Shadows by Jan Robert Leegte: Focusing on the UI phenomenon of drop shadows
    21. Alejandro Campos releases p5.js brush library p5.brush.js
    22. Lattice announces L2 chain Redstone
    23. Digital artists defend screen savers after art critic Jerry Saltz dismisses Refik Anadol’s immersive AI work as an ordinary screen saver
    24. My techno-optimism by Vitalik Buterin
    25. Between Two Worlds by A.A. Murakami
    26. Archive release of over 1,800 texts by Herbert W. Franke on art, sci-fi, speleology, and more since 1946
    27. The final entry in the Velocity series, “TRADEMARK” by Jack Butcher.

      「TRADEMARK」 by Jack Butcher

    28. Spøgelsesmaskinen’s solo exhibition The Desktop in Copenhagen
    29. NFT, art & history exhibition at NFT Factory Paris
    30. Warothys by Alpha Centauri Kid: Artwork created for physical prints at Avant Arte
    31. Black Friday Sale by Rhea Myers: Blockchain artwork available for purchase on Black Friday
    32. Hot Potate by Vincent Van Dough: Artwork disappears if not passed to someone within 24 hours
    33. SECOND WAVE by Panter Xhita: Artwork themed on the “second wave” in the history of crypto art
    34. Critic Jerry Saltz criticizes observer’s article “The Digital Innovators Reshaping the Art World” as white frat culture
    35. Zora evolved to allow experience without a wallet or crypto


    1. A customizable NFT project for storing memories on a floppy disk. “memory®” by ROZWELL
    2. Artworks based on the Doppelganger contract. “Alterego” by idil dursun
    3. An artwork that changes based on specific rules tied to the number of mints. “Tally!” by revdancatt
    4. ROBNESSOFFICIAL sells digital works on eBay
    5. A pangram containing all 26 letters of the alphabet. 19 works auctioned off at intervals based on the reverse Fibonacci sequence. “EXODUS 2” by David Rudnick
    6. ‘The WRK Paradox” by HAL09999
    7. Emi Kusano tours the world with Bright Moments with the AI art collection “Techno-Animism’
    8. ‘#tezpole” became the most popular meme of 2023.

      tez-pole by uczine

    9. Exhibition “AGH 1” by KiM ASENDORF, Leander Herzog, and ertdfgcvb held at Berlin Funkhaus.
    10. Exhibition “INFLUENTIA: Le Random’s Collection and the History of Digitally Generated Art” held in Taipei
    11. A collection featuring a set of Acid Pepes handmade in a clean and minimal style. “ACID PEPES” by LORS
    12. Create 3D bottles and decorate with stickers or upload your own. “Stay Hydrated” by Mike Bodge
    13. First community-first commerce initiative FWB Bazaar launched.
    14. Wallet (EOA) collection released on Folia. “DoAW” by JoanHeemskerk
    15. Ethereum project “Genomes” by ciphrd + znah celebrating the launch of fxhash2.0
    16. ‘COLORFUL” curated by KUMALEON released as part of the fxhash 2.0 launch
    17. ‘Yuragi” by Kazuhiro Tanimoto
    18. ‘Inscript” by Kazuhiro Tanimoto and Yi-Wen LIN, inspired by traditional kanji and typography, exploring the aesthetics of ink and printmaking
    19. fxhash 2.0 integrates with Ethereum, launches after delay
    20. Ratlladís, an open edition work by Anna Carreras, unveiled as part of BASE x ART BASEL Miami Beach

      「Ratlladís」 by Anna Carreras

    21. ‘Chroma Complex” by Atsushi Tanaka
    22. Historic “TRASHART” spawned by crypto artist ROBNESS becomes a long term meme
    23. Kazuhiro Aihara hosts a solo exhibition at NEORT++
    24. ‘(No)Color” by Gin_
    25. ‘Blokkendoos” by Piter Pasma, a work under 10KB in total size, expressed solely in code without using 3D models or external resources
    26. Exhibition “1.618?” by Yoshi Sodeoka at CALM & PUNK GALLERY
    27. Custom LED sets that can be minted and ordered on the Ethereum or Tezos blockchains. “Glitch Garden” by Spøgelsesmaskinen
    28. LOVEINGTYPE exhibition by MEK.txt
    29. ‘Bullet Heaven [YOKO]” by Sam Hains, inspired by the “danmaku” of arcade games
    30. First fxhash release by creative coder takawo. “Snail Trails” by takawo
    31. Artwork generating new experiences in collaboration with programs within EVM. “the stalker” by INT ART
    32. Nina Protocol releases “Nina Japan,” featuring 11 releases and interviews with underground artists from Japan
    33. mae solo exhibition “Nostalgia of the Flow” held