Amira Zhogadu: dichotomy

Artist from South Africa, Amira Zhogadu deconstruct Idealized beauty of advertisement and a type of “feminism”.

The work itself was made sourcing images found in magazines from advertisements specifically targeted towards women (make-up ads, perfume ads etc.). I would then put these images in a different contexts and then deconstruct them using photoshop.

I was trying to explore the visual language by which advertisements entice women to buy into certain ideals of beauty as well as how this language can be dissected and refashioned to create a different meaning/purpose altogether.

Advertising has taken a strange turn over the past few decades and there is almost an internalized cis-heteronormative patriarchal gaze in many adverts where generally accepted ideals of beauty and femininity become something to aspire to and a type of ‘feminism’ if you will. I was intrigued by this semiosis and in fact driven by it in all the images.